TINTPROS formed in 1990, Created it’s Mission of:

Quality First! the Rest will Follow!, and has successfully maintained the highest standards in film application and customer service. Thus becoming the Sacramento Valleys first A plus rated tinting facility.

We service the worlds largest auto mall in Roseville, Ca. Our clients and customers` are our number one priority.

We test all new films we offer our clients, so that we are sure they are getting the best, heat, glare and UV rejection available at a fair price.

Being in business for so long, and enduring two recessions, proves our commitement to customer satisfaction. The clients we have, come back over and over, and reccommend us to their friends, so that we have had a steady increase in business year after year.

Come experience the difference at Tintpros, we are not the lowest price, but if quality and people who respect your vehicle are what you are looking for, we guarantee you will be among the 10’s of thousands of satisfied customers, Such as:

  • Roseville Toyota
  • Roseville Volkswagen
  • Roseville Mazda Subaru
  • Future Nissan
  • Future Ford
  • John L. Sullivan Chevrolet
  • Reliable Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Buick and many others.

Our Mission has always been to provide the highest quality tinting available through our use of top quality after market products, and the latest in tint technology. We truly believe in Our Mission: Quality First! The Rest Will Follow!

We use only the highest Quality film available on the market today, featuring a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.

All of our Films Are Color Stable! Our list of current manufacturers include:

  • Global { Used by our company for 13 years with excellent Longevity}
  • ASWF Films Made in America. A Green Company.
  • Excel IRP and Demension, Nano Ceramic, InFrared Films

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