The latest enhancement to our signature Excel product, Excel IRP, (IR Performance) incorporates an IR nano-particle coating that maximizes optical clarity while building a comprehensive shield of protection from heat, glare and harmful UV and IR rays. The remarkable solar control and color stability of the non-metal Excel IRP, along with its uncompromising aesthetics, places it a cut above other IR blocking films. As with all other ASWF products, it is endorsed with a lifetime factory-backed warranty.

Energy Rejected
5 17% 84% 78% 5% 5% 2.0 M 63% 99%
15 17% 84% 78% 5% 5% 1.5 M 64% 99%
25 26% 84% 78% 5% 5% 1.5 M 60% 99%
35 35% 84% 78% 5% 5% 1.5 M 55% 99%
45 45% 84% 78% 6% 6% 1.5 M 54% 99%
70 76% 84% 78% 6% 6% 1.5 M 44% 99%

Important: All tested materials were applied on a ¼” clear glass surface in accordance with industry standard tests. The intended purpose of the data provided is for comparison purposes only.

Automotive Films for the Professional Dealer.

ASWF offers a complete line of automotive films for the professional dealer. Innovative manufacturing reduces the impact on our environment.

Rigid control of key manufacturing processes allows ASWF to produce each film with the highest standards. Each film is protected by a 21st-century scratch resistant coating providing improved durability.

ASWF’s comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty provides assurance and peace of mind to both dealers and consumers alike.

All automotive films from ASWF offer:

  • Durable scratch resistant coating
  • Wide array of VLT’s to comply with state laws
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Ultraviolet rejection of 99%
  • Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty

Leading the Industry in Quality Products and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Erickson International is the most energy-efficient manufacturer in operation today. Our Las Vegas facility was several years in the making, following extensive research and development. It was built from the ground up, with custom machines, state-of-the-science technology and proprietary processes that increase production efficiency, accuracy and product quality. Spanning more than an acre, our facility leads the industry in green thinking, with near-zero landfill waste to respect and protect the environment.

Our proprietary coating process is the most advanced in the industry. Among the advantages are decreased handling, which minimizes the possibility for error, and increased cleanliness, which helps ensure the highest quality film possible. The process also achieves unmatched levels of efficiency, which translates into faster turnaround and greater cost-effectiveness.

Premium Warranty Support

To ensure the highest standards of quality, we subject all of our films to rigorous independent laboratory testing. In addition to acceleration tests, our products must successfully withstand extreme heat, cold, abnormal usage and other oppressive conditions that go far beyond typical commercial and residential demands. Because our products exceed industry standards, ASWF has the confidence to offer factory-backed coverage with some of the best warranty protection available. Please consult your professional installer for these assurances and extended warranty coverage.

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